January 15, 2017

12 Books In 12 Months series: Your Q1 2017 Reading Guide

2017. 12 new months to fill with reading joy and empowerment for your life. As you know, I review the best non-fiction books and this time I selected 3 favorites for the first 3 months of the year.

January: 10% Happier by Dan Harris

(summary of book available on link above)
Why not start the new year by adopting a new good habit? 10% Happier delves into the most recent and mindblowing research on meditation and it’s effect on your life, mind, and body. Simply, 10% Happier will teach you how to deal with everyday stress, which is a must to make 2017 endurable.

February: Choose Yourself by James Altucher

(summary of book available on link above)
2008 was a long time ago, and so was the global economic crisis that came with it. However, Altucher’s advice that he provided in Choose Yourself back then, is still as relevant. You can not wait to be chosen, instead, choose yourself. You are the one in full responsibility of your success and happiness. Get control over your life with the suggestions of this book to stay on top 2017!

March: Dream Year by Ben Arment

(summary of book available on link above)
What would a non-fiction book list about making the best of a year be without a book that has it in its name? In Dream Year author Ben Arment helps you to define and identify your dreams, while at the same time offering ways how to pursue them. If you’re frustrated with your job or feeling stuck in life, this book is especially relevant to find new day-to-day motivation.

Alright, that’s part 1 of 4 covering great reads for Q1 of 2017. Hope you liked the selection and found some of the reads in your taste. I’ll be back with new exciting reads before the next quarter – I promise! [su_highlight background=”#f7ff99″]Did you love these suggestions? Show some love by sharing it.[/su_highlight]

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