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I’m Erik – the one and only writer on this blog. Nice to meet you! I’ve always been passionate about acquiring new knowledge and reading, and from this passionξSummary Of was born. Summary Of is my platform of sharing my favourite reads with you, my beloved reader, to help you navigate the jungle of information we have to deal with today.

By always looking for new knowledge, I one day stumbled upon a service and app called getAbstract.ξLove at first eyesight is probably the best description of my first experience with getAbstract, and ever since I’ve told everyone I know about the service. getAbstract creates summaries of the most famous non-fiction books out there, and compromise them into 15 minute reads, a dream for someone like me, always hungry for new knowledge. The books I usually write about is available through the app, as this is my major reading source, and if you find your way to the app through me, you’ll provide a few cents for my next cup of coffee. Yum!

Apart from coffee it is you that is my most valuable fuel – my readers. I really appreciate the support from you, and you are the most important source of motivation to keep this blog updated with nice content. Again, Thanks for you support! Internet high-five!

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